Köln, 18. bis 20. November 2020




Founded in 2001, pure-systems is a leading provider of tools and solutions for Variant Management and Product Line Engineering (PLE) for Complex Systems and Software. pure::variants enables integrated and automated PLE and Systematic Reuse in existing tools like DOORS, Rhapsody and Simulink, while managing complexity of features, dependencies, systems and variants.

pure::variants provides deep analytic insights into variants, and can deal with both structural and parametric variability across the V-Model, supporting diverse engineering assets like requirements and test cases, architecture & model-based-development, source code and documentation, Excel feature lists and calibration data, among others.

As a platform solution, pure::variants provides enterprise scalability and public open APIs, while supporting standards like OSLC, VEL (Variability Exchange Language), Eclipse, EMF and AUTOSAR among others.

Today, the solution is deployed with customers in the segments of Automotive, Avionics & Aerospace, Defense & Security, Industry Automation & Production, Rail & Transportation and Semiconductor.