Köln, 18. bis 20. November 2020




Who We Are:

Sodius Willert is a global engineering solution provider that enables the creation of nextgeneration complex products.

What we do, our value:

Sodius Willert’s expertise and solutions manage the increasing complexity in product development by setting new standards for collaboration:

  • connecting the engineering teams’ data
  • providing visibility across engineering artifacts
  • automating the flow of information.

What’s different about us?

Nobody better empowers engineers to free up data, deliver on time, stay on budget and maintain industry standards. This liberates them to focus on solving engineering problems and create innovation.

For whom we do it:

Engineers working in highly regulated industries who want efficiency without sacrificing quality of work. And their leaders who believe software technology can help solve process challenges.

Sodius Willert is

  • World’s leader in integration technology and automation flow
  • Strength of relationships with big companies with proven tools 
(IBM, Dassault NoMagic, Ansys)
  • Expertise to navigate products and vendors while ensuring open data standards
  • Customer support and alignment to success measures
  • Seamless integration of disparate tools (linking software and hardware) makes Sodius Willert a one-stop solution – at a more attractive price than the competition